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Screen energy saving turning on and off and on and off and on...

It is not the first time I describe the issue.
Instead of remaining steadily turned off, the screen is turning on and off.

The issue occurs randomly, and I can't find any trace of it in any log.

Lately it did turn on and off for hours at intervals of about 10 min. And it 
did so before reboot and after reboot. (after reboot: user logged but no 
application specifically running)

As you can understand it is really infuriating: flashing lights are usually 
not synonymous of quietness.

As I already described, the setting is a 4K Dell monitor on display port, on a 
lid closed X230.

And no, I can't just turn the screen off with the power button, because if I 
do so, kde freaks out and when I turn the screen back on the resolution for 
one thing, is so far away from initial settings, that I just can't see a 
thing; and also, it takes me hours to put back the settings right.

I can't even keep the lid opened, because at that resolution, additional 
screen would be too much load for the gpu.

That might be a little bit out of topic, because it is not specifically kde 
related. But I think Gnome is using Wayland. And I've found nothing about this 
sort of issues on the web. And it is not debian stable neither. irc seems a 
thing of the past... matrix.org debian-next is not working yet. xorg had never 
ever answered any question. I could make a bug report, but I don't know 
against what exactly.

Only answer I've had, so far is "dpms and x11 are a crock of shit together, 
and web browsers are hilariously unpredictable actors in the x11 ecosystem"
But I haven't found similar comments on the net. And it is not really hinting 
to any course of action.

And again, I haven't been able to associate any traces of the malfunctioning 
with any logs: nothing specific seems to be recorded in the logs when the 
screen is flashing like a Christmas tree.

I'm using rsyslogd and
SYSTEMD_LESS=FRXMK journalctl -xa
seems to show me everything there is.
I haven't seen anything relevant in

Worth mentioning: I put the pc to sleep with: (the screen that is [*])
xset dpms 10 10 10; sleep 10; xset dpms force off
Then "C-l"
Then after entering my password:
xset dpms 1800 2700 3600

But I don't thing it really influences the flashing effect; only the frequency 
of the flashing.

Again, 9 times out of 10, it doesn't flash at all be behaves itself, like a 
good pc.

[*] I cannot put the PC to sleep, nor suspend... I can, but it's complicated, 
and I don't think it works well.
Because to restart the laptop, I'll have to make some event. But the lid is 
closed. So I'd have to manipulate the lid, but then kde will see that as a 
dual screen configuration, and it will freak out, and I will loose all my 
screen settings.

When I restart the PC, I have to make a special dance:
Open the lid; Press power button;
Wait for grub screen...
Then, at that moment, and that moment only,
close the lid!
Can you imagine the hassle.

There must be much better solutions that I missed; only, I haven't found them 

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