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Re: Headset and audio profiles

I have similar issue. I use Bose N700 and the profile constantly switches from High Fidelity Playback (A2DP SInk) to Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP).

I think the headphones mic is not even recognized by the system. It runs on notebook mic.


On 24/3/20 7:57 pm, Dietz Proepper wrote:
Good morning,

I think, that this is more of a pulseaudio problem, but perhaps someone has
got an idea.

I have a bluetooth headset, supporting High Fidelity Playback (A2DP profile)
and Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP profile). Now, every time I connect it, the
A2DP profile gets chosen, which does not support the headset's microphone. I
can easily switch to HSP/HFP by means of the sound control applet, but is
there a way to set HSP/HFP as a default?

(I already spent an afternoon on that, but all recipes I found did not work.)

Kindest regards,

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