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Re: Kopete newer in Ubuntu than in experimental?

In data martedì 31 dicembre 2019 03:27:29 CET, John Scott ha scritto:
> I've recently installed the Qt 5 build of Kopete 18.08.3 in experimental, 
> meanwhile 17.08.3 is in unstable.
> Looking at the package tracker, I was surprised to find that Ubuntu appears to 
> have packaged 18.12.3 and 19.04.3: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kopete
> I haven't tried seeing if they build on Debian or not, but I'm wondering why 
> Ubuntu has newer ones. Do they not meet our quality standards, or could they 
> be made part of Debian?

kopete is basically dead, and it has been that way in the last decade
or so. The porting to Qt5 / Frameworks5 was definitely not completed,
and a couple of issues I saw reported for that version lead me believe
the Qt5 version was not better than the Qt4 one. That is the reason why
the Qt5 kopete is still in experimental only.

Pino Toscano

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