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Re: Transition of Qt to 5.12.5

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer - 23.10.19, 21:05:11 CEST:
> El mié., 23 oct. 2019 16:01, luca.pedrielli <agoiza@gmail.com> escribió:
> > Thanks for your work....I'm still not very familiar with debian
> > tools
> > Best, Luca.
> I have just uploaded plasma-workspace, it should fix the crash

Affected users who do not like to wait for the updated packages to appear
can download "right side" of the two files manually from the upstream

[Notifications] Don't bind model inside headerItem]

and copy them to



Make a copy of the old files first, just in case.

Then restarting plasmashell by first stopping the process and starting it
for example through krunner should fix the issue.

It did for me.


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