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Re: Akonadi 4:18.08.3-8 in experimental

On woensdag 23 oktober 2019 04:06:29 CEST Diederik de Haas wrote:
> Right after sending that, I get the following notification:
> Profile: /usr/bin/akonadiserver
> Operation: open
> Name: /home/diederik/.pgpass
> Denied: r
> Logfile: /var/log/kern.log
> For more information, visit https://wiki.debian.org/AppArmor
> I've now gotten this 4 times (in a couple of minutes)

In about 25 minutes I got 59 of them (grep "/home/diederik/.pgpass" /var/log/
kern.log | wc -l)

Oct 23 04:22:19 bagend kernel: [ 1457.768963] audit: type=1400 
audit(1571797339.880:116): apparmor="DENIED" operation="open" profile="/usr/
bin/akonadiserver" name="/home/diederik/.pgpass" pid=1882 
comm="0x5633fb5bf4a0-" requested_mask="r" denied_mask="r" fsuid=1000 ouid=1000

Apart from timestamp and comm="0xNNNN" values, they're all exactly the same.

$ ls -la .pgpass 
-rw------- 1 diederik diederik 0 mrt 10  2016 .pgpass

My guess that file got automatically created sometime (pgadmin3?) or have 
created it myself but (apparently) emptied its contents.

My first guess was to leave the file for debugging purposes, but a 0-byte file 
shouldn't be hard to recreate ;-) so I removed it.
Approx 15 minutes later, I haven't had any more of those messages in either a 
notification window/popup or in /var/log/kern.log

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