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Re: Help with KMail: user rejected wallet access

On October 5, 2019 4:01:04 AM EDT, Martin Steigerwald <martin@lichtvoll.de> wrote:
>Hi John,
>John Scott - 05.10.19, 03:05:28 CEST:
>> I've now discovered I can't refresh my personal IMAP either. It
>> doesn't give me the error about wallet access, but does auto-detect
>> no authentication methods.
>> It could be another red herring, but for the past several days apt
>> ended in
>> how-can-i-help: Error downloading data file: execution expired
>> and how-can-i-help -a does appear to hang
>Please review kdepim-users mailing lists. The topic has been on there
>well as in (duplicated) upstream bug reports for what I believe more 
>than a dozen of times. Please also see:
>Kontact and Google Integration Issues
>I personally would not help further than that cause I do not use 
>Googlemail nor do I endorse it. I see Googlemail, but also Office 365 
>(which I need to use at work) as a huge invasion to privacy – for me it
>is a joke that they ask for a privacy declaration for KDEPIM when they 
>are the ones who have the business model to earn money by violating
>privacy. I read more than once that Google scans every mail to gather 
>data for personalized advertisements. But I stop with my rant now as
>not on topic here.
>I suggest you read on kdepim-users on solutions and ask there in case 
>you still have questions afterwards.

I've been reading kdepim-users, but think this issue is different since it now affects my personal IMAP. I mistakenly left out the key detail though that my personal account is not a Gmail account.

I thought the error meant it might be an issue on my end, or with KWallet.

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