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Help with KMail: user rejected wallet access


It's probably not related, but I recently upgraded to the new version of 
Akonadi in buster-proposed-updates, and I'm having some trouble with one of my 

When I look at the IMAP, it says 'Could not read the password: user rejected 
wallet access'. So I've clicked Modify, typed in my password again, and it's 
saved, but saying the same thing.

For both IMAP and SMTP, if I go to Advanced and let it auto-detect what 
authentication methods work, it says it fails to check the capabilities.

This is with an organization Gmail account which has been working smoothly for 
months with the Gmail (IMAP) and XOAUTH2 (SMTP) authentication settings. With 
the former, I'd get a dialog to use my organization's SSO to login. App 
passwords don't make a difference, still giving the wallet error even after 
having just put the password in.

I'd appreciate any advice you can offer.'

John Scott

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