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Re: KDE 4.4.3 in unstable

Nicolas FRANCOIS - 15.10.18, 08:45:
> Le Fri, 7 May 2010 20:29:52 +0200,
> Martin Steigerwald <Martin@lichtvoll.de> a écrit :
> Either you are posting from the past, or your clock is way off ! :-)
> Could you please try to correct the problem ? I see all your messages
> at the bottom of my list of new messages... It's quite disturbing.

If you reply to a thread that is from 2010, then yes, my mails appear 

Time is NTP controlled on all of my systems. My mails have correct time 
and date. So please fix the cause why you receive mails from your time 

Also this is kind of a Deja Vu to me. You wrote something like this 
before, didn't you?

(There is also no point in giving me feedback like this on list. This 
will also be my last reply on list about that topic.)


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