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Re: Akregator in KDEPIM 18.08 crashes very often

Martin Steigerwald - 10.10.18, 23:29:
> Often when clicking on a link.
> I had three or four crashes in just five minutes.
> Depending on scheduling my time I may investigate further in the next
> days and if I can gather enough information, I file a bug report.
> I believe the issue to be Webengine integration related, but I need to
> install the necessary debug packages to generate a useful backtrace.

I bet it is this:

Debian#910500: libqt5quick5: Sefault in applications using 

Debian#910317: QtWebEngine in unstable is constantly crashing

Unstable is affected. Testing should be safe due to bug severity.

Downgrading just libqt5quick5 to just 5.11.1-5 as mentioned in 910500 
does not fix the crashes in Akregator on my system.

No time for further tests right now.


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