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Re: KDEPIM 18.08 broken icons in Kontact application switcher toolbar

Oct 7, 2018, 6:18 AM by martin@lichtvoll.de:

> Work-around: Switch to text instead of symbols.
> Anyone else seeing this? I like to rule out an installation issue before 
> I report a bug.

I'm experiencing an issue with disappearing icons in the Application Menu launcher. Maybe it's related to the issue you have, maybe not. Some icons in the Power / Session menu have disappeared (e.g. Switch user, Suspend, Hibernate, Reboot) yet some are still there (Lock, Logout, Shutdown). I think it happened after I removed from and and added to the favorites some of the Power / Session menu items.

Also, the KDE icon in the Application Launcher (not to be confused with the Application Menu launcher) has absolutely ridiculous size when used with used a vertical taskbar (I tried it with the vertical taskbar width of about 8-10% of the screen width). Had to switch to the Application Menu launcher because of that.


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