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Re: Buster: KDE questions/issues

In data venerdì 7 settembre 2018 10:22:10 CEST, local10 ha scritto:
> 3. Device notifier widget shows Floppy Disk device even though my PC
> does not have a floppy disk. Is there a way to remove it?

In the past, the major reason for this was the presence of a floppy
mount point in /etc/fstab. Check whether it is there, and
comment/remove it.

> 4. I was really disappointed when I saw the new Clipboard widget which
> I think replaced the good old Klipper. I used to configure Klipper to
> hold 30 items, and in Klipper it was possible to see them all and just
> click on the item I wanted to select it. Clipboard still allows to
> have a variable number of items but it shows ONLY THREE (3) latest items
> placed in the clipboard and there appears to be no way see them all.
> Also Clipboard takes a lot more space on the Task Bar then Klipper
> did. Is there a way to restore back the functionality as it was
> provided by Klipper?

You can use klipper as application instead of a Plasma widget:
- right click on the tray
- select "System tray settings"
- in the "General" tab, uncheck the "Clipboard" entry; you should see
  klipper disappearing from the tray
- just run klipper, e.g. alt+f2 -> klipper

Pino Toscano

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