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Re: kdepim 18.08.1 entering unstable

Hey Sandro.

Sandro Knauß - 03.10.18, 00:15:
> I uploaded kdepim 18.08.1 to unstable some minutes ago. I tested it
> for around 15 days, without any issues. It may take some days till
> the dust will settle. It is additionally known, that ktorrent,
> kio-gdrive, blogilo, kjots, zanshin, digikam, kraft and kmymoney
> needs to be recompiled against kdepim 18.08. This will done within
> the transition #909288.
> kmymoney in experimental will get an update within the next days and
> should be working with new kdepim afterwards.

Yes, I rejoiced as I saw it coming in debian-devel-changes mailinglist.

Thank you very much for this complex packaging work.

I am looking forward to check out the performance improvements due to 
the notification payload work by Daniel. And all the other improvements 
since 17.12.

Any interested in a summary of the of major changes can check out (under 



Since I use kmymoney quite often meanwhile, I will likely wait till it 
all fits together before I upgrade.

I bet 18.08.something will be the version of KDEPIM + Akonadi for 
Buster, as 18.12 would be rather tight before the transition freeze¹.

[1] https://release.debian.org/buster/freeze_policy.html


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