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Re: Plasma PA and Pulseaudio gconf => gsettings module migration

Martin Steigerwald - 25.06.18, 17:54:
> In case you don´t know already: Pulseaudio 12 installation requires
> removing Pulseaudio gconf module and thus removing plasma-pa and
> replacing it by kmix – and due to that also removing kdemultimedia
> meta package.

Maxy just started uploading Plasma 5.13 with Plasma PA built without 
gconf dependency.

There will be some missing functionality, most notably virtual devices 
which allow sound to be routed to mutiple real devices, see:


I suggest you look at paprefs in case you need this functionality.

This is an interim solution until upstream completed port to gsettings, 
likely for Plasma 5.14.

As usual wait till Plasma 5.14 is complete, before you dist-upgrade.


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