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Re: Hanging plasmashell

i have observed simillar behaviour with autofs mounted samba.
I connect to them at home and when I forget to unmount them and go to work (I 
have laptop and use suspend to RAM), my plasmashell sometime freezes.
But krunner is always ok.

Also, sometimes, my screen starts to flicker at random places, when i switch 
tabs in browser, old tab flashes back for few seconds, mouse clicks doesn't 
propagate, this is also fixable by restarting plasmashell. I have not find 
root cause of this behaviour. 
Recently, i switched compositor from OpenGL 3.1 to OpenGL 2.0, it lowered 
frequency of this events, but it can still happen.


On středa 30. května 2018 8:58:47 CEST Frank Mehnert wrote:
> Hi all,
> since some days I experience arbitrary hangs of plasmashell. When this
> happens, neither the application menu, the task bar nor any systray
> application respond to any mouse click. Alt+F2 doesn't work either and
> there is nothing else than "killall plasmashell && kstart plasmashell"
> to fix the problem. This is Debian/Sid, all packages up-to-date.
> Does anybody else experience similar problems?
> Frank

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