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Please stop telling me that my laptop or mailserver are sending out 8 years old mails


They are not.


Nor is anyone else who participated in the thread from 2010 sending out 
those old mails again.

I received them as well and I am already blocking them on my mail 

  Received: from mail.example.com (unknown [])
        by mail.lichtvoll.de (Postfix) with ESMTP id 58CCB3100CC
        for <Martin@lichtvoll.de>; Sun,  6 May 2018 17:04:58 +0200 

This mail server setup is totally broken.

Heck, I don´t even have any laptop running a kernel like

  User-Agent: KMail/1.13.3 (Linux/
free-991-992-04964-gf00c7ec-dirty; KDE/4.4.3; i686; ; )


So please stop sending me any further notices.

If you are into helping to stop it, send a mail to the proper abuse 
report address of (or in case for you its a different 
machine that IP address). whois can tell you. I am not into sending a 
report as I already configured my mail server server to block these 
mails completely.

I delete further private mails to me about this issue, as I am seriously 
fed up with people from this list blaming my setup without first reading 
and *understanding* the Received: headers. Stop assuming that every mail 
is coming from what the From: header tells.

Many thanks.

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