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Re: Issues Setting Up KDE Development Environment in Stretch


Am Sonntag, 25. Februar 2018, 22:44:26 CET schrieb Karsten Ladner:
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to set up a development environment for KDE running Stretch. I
> have been attempting to use the kdesrc-build tool to build okular but each
> time I run it cmake fails to build the package. When I looked into the
> cmake log file, I found that cmake fails because okular is requesting a qt
> config file for a qt version of at least 5.8.0 but my system has only
> 5.7.1. I looked some more into it and found that an updated version is
> found in the qtbase5-dev package from the testing repository.
> Here is my question: How can I set up my system to develop KDE software
> without messing up my installation of Debian?
> Thanks in advance

I've found myself in the same situation oftentimes. Not only different 
versions of KDE, but also different distributions for different targets, all 
with their own (and sometimes peculiar) libs.

I also do not like to mess up my host's installation.

So what I'm doing is setting up a "chroot" env for the more peculiar targets, 
into which I do mount /proc, /sys, /dev and /dev/pts filesystems as well as 
the source directory from my host (bind-mount does the trick, no NFS needed).

That way, I can edit stuff from my host, and for building, I chroot into the 
chroot-env and take it from there.

To me, this is a flexible approach, and it is typically faster than using a 
virtual machine with all of the overhead that comes with it (though it is even 
possible to mount the chroot with the build results into a VM for further 
testing, but most often, the chroot itself suffices).

Moreover, when upgrading my host machine, I can keep the chroot environments, 
thus keeping the build environment as it was before.

Just 2 cents,



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