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Re: Akregator 17.08 regressions [SOLVED in 17.08.3]


Martin Steigerwald - 17.11.17, 21:10:
> Still no back and forward navigation when following a link. Has been already
> this way in Akregator 16.04.
> Also context menu for opening a link in a new browser gone.
> Also it does not open links in a new tab anymore despite being configured
> like this.
> This reduces the usability of Akregator for me quite a bit. Can anyone
> reproduce these?

It appears to me that upgrading to KDEPIM 17.08.3 solves these issues. At 
least I was not be able to reproduce the issue using articles from several 
different feeds.

I bet that the fix, Sandro mentioned on IRC to me, fixes the issue. Thank you, 
Sandro, Pino and all the others involved for packaging KDEPIM 17.08.3. For the 
full credits and the involved complexity, especially the one involved with 
packaging Qt Web Engine, see:


I vividly remember mentions of exorbitant memory usage during build attempts 
of Qt Web Engine on #debian-qt-kde.

Maxy uploads KF 5.41 packages to experimental, I did not yet try to install 
them. Pino continues to work on KDE Application packages and already uploaded 
some 17.12 package to experimental. And I see quite some coordinating activity 
and team work on the IRC channel.

Thank you for your work!

Have a Merry Christmas,

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