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Privacy warning: Akregator / Konqueror do not effectively block ads/trackers


I bet you may be aware of that it is not that wise to use Konqueror as a 
webbrowser these days,  but here is another reason not to – and it also 
applies to the internal browser in Akregator:

Despite proxy settings pointing to Privoxy, as well as Easylist+Easylist 
Privacy, Easylist Germany, Fanboy List and quite some other lists enabled in 
the ad blocker settings according to https://panopticlick.eff.org/ neither 
Konqueror 17.08 nor Akregator 17.08 effectively block trackers.

I brought and I will be bringing this up with upstream as well:

Bug 387549 - According to panopticlick 3.0 test does not protect against 

Bug 387550 - According to panopticlick 3.0 test does not protect against 

By all means, I suggest avoiding using the internal webbrowser of Akregator 
and Konqueror for any sites that track, only sites like bugs.debian.org or 
bugs.kde.org and so… are still fine to use. I may switch to Firefox for RSS 
feed reading.

I understand that this could be a hard to fix issue. The browser issue. But it 
is important to address. And upstream recognized it by choosing privacy as 
default as a goal.

I think it would be best to adopt the technology behind uBlock Origin. It just 
does its job.


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