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Re: Spectacle

Hello Jimmy.

Jimmy Johnson - 16.09.17, 15:08:
> While taking a timed snapshot I notice I could not access the panel or
> tray, they seemed to be locked, after the shot was taken access to panel
> and tray was restored, but spectacle was of no use for the timed
> snapshot I wanted to take.  Is this a bug or by design? Plasma Unstable.

Hmmm, I can reproduce when snapshotting the whole screen. However when I set 
snapshotting the active window and select the tray / panel which still slides 
out from its hidden position just fine it doesn´t appear on the resulting 
screenshot. But I think that may be by design. When I select window under 
mousepointer I am able to snapshot the control panel with systray just fine 
with a timed snapshot.

However this all is with kde-spectable package 17.08.1-1 from experimental.


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