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Problems with keyboard after upgrade to Plasma >5.6


I'm a old user of kde and unstable debian and I was a happy user until kde 5.8. 

Since the upgrade to 5.8 and beyond, my keyboard works "slow". A example: when I press Alt+F2, and shows the runner, I type any thing and not happens. Some time ago, appears one or other letter typed.

I prepared a USB with a live debian and tried again. When I try to do the test, works fine. How my language is brazilian portuguese and my keyboard is a US layout, I select US with dead keys.

The simple question to select a keyboard, starts my problem. Without this, works fine.

Some idea or suggestion? I haven't idea of how to debug this problem. What can I send to give a better idea?

Since now, thanks by any help.

Claudio Ferreira

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