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adding a Google calendar to Kontact

I'm running Debian/Buster on an amd64 system.

I am trying to add another google calendar to my Korganizer/Kontact calendar. I already have one google calendar for personal affairs and have created another calendar for a group I belong to. Since it uses a different (not gmail) e-mail address, I went into the calendar view in Kontact and right-clicked on the calendar list panel then selected Add Calendar (also available as "settings | configure Korganizer").

I chose "Google Calendars and Tasks" from the list of calendar types, which brought up another dialogue with the title bar reading "Google Calendars and Tasks (not configured) of type Google Calendars and Tasks" It shows my personal gmail address as the only entry in the pulldown.

When I click the Add button in the accounts panel, it brings up a second dialogue asking me to:

Sign in
Continue to Akonadi Resources for Google Services

and prompting me for my e-mail or phone. When I fill in the e-mail address for the new calendar I want to add, it takes me to another dialogue to enter my password, then finally to a dialogue telling me

Akonadi Resources for Google Services wants to
    Manage your contactsMore info
    Manage your calendarsMore info
    Manage your tasks

When I click on Allow, it takes me to yet another dialogue telling me to sign in, with a message "Please copy this code, switch to your application and paste it there", followed by a very long code.

At this point I am stumped. I'm already in my application and the dialogue is blocking me from doing anything else in it. If I copy the code and close the dialogue, there is nothing to indicate where to paste the code.

Googling the problem hasn't located anything helpful. The presence of the code dialogue isn't mentioned anywhere.

I did find a mention of KWallet which seems to be what is creating the problem. When I look through KWallet, I find that it contains an entry in Folders | Akonadi Google (1) | Maps for my personal gmail address, with 3 name-value pairs (accessToken, refreshToken and scopes). While the code I copied (above) looks like a refreshToken (correct length), and the scopes seems to be generic, I don't have an accessToken (which is very long).

Creating a new Maps entry for my group's calendar account, I manually created the various names and p[asted the refreshToken's value. I also copied the scopes value from my personal account's map. That isn't sufficient to give me access to the Google calendar however. Copying the accessToken's value from my personal account to the group one just gives me a second access to my personal calendar, which Korganizer sort of handles. This suggests that what I need is an accessToken for the group's calendar.

Removing the (faulty) group calendar and reloading my personal calendar and things are back to where I started.

Any ideas on how to get the second Google calendar added?

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