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Re: Re: 5.9.1 ...

> > KF5 applications now ignore any other widget style
> > except for the space wasting breeze/breeze dark -
> > though applications with qt4/kde4 libs dependencies
> > like konqueror are not affected.
> > 
> > Used to display window titles with the bold font variants -
> > but now those titles are displayed larger but not bold at all.
> > (I guess with a different font too)
> > 
> > AND - in kdevelop/kate/kwrite the ability to highlight constants
> > or the like with bold fonts has been lost - the color settings are
> > still respected, but the bold attribute has no effect anymore ...
> > 
> > ... sadly
> The last update fixed the first and the second issue.
> Thanks a lot - this day with breeze style was awful ...
> BUT the latter one - the most important issue for me - still
> persists. Despite of chosen settings, the syntax highlighting
> in katepart editors does not display keywords or types etc.
> in a _bold_ monospaced font, though the font selection dialog
> shows a correct preview. Strange enough, if the very same monospace
> font in the _bold_ variant has been selected as standard editor
> font, the whole code will be displayed bold - as expected ...

So, the latter one seems not related to the QT 5.9.1 transition - 
however - it still persists ...

But - in case anyone else encounters that problem, here's a 

Each time you change the editor font for kpart editors,  
a line will be written like:

and syntax highlighting in bold or italic won't be displayed anymore.

Simply remove the trailing ",Regular" from this line to make it working again.

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