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Re: Plasma 5.10

On Fri, 1 Sep 2017 11:46:30 +0200, newbeewan wrote:


> I just update my laptop to plasma 5.10 in experimental.

> As far I test it, everything is working very well, Thank you for all the work !


What is the good way to install it from experimental to Debian testing? Is there some meta package which will pull in all needed

dependencies? Or you install it all manually piece by piece? I know that to do it in general for testing, I need to enable both unstable

and experimental sources (otherwise some mismatch can creep in). But without meta package it looks rather complicated.


Same question can be applied to unstable really, without the extra complicating testing part. I.e. what's the recommended meta

package for installing plasma update with all needed frameworks and etc.?




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