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Re: Please help with #865382

Don't know that there is much I can do. 

Don't seem to be able to get a clean install of Stretch Xfce to work. 
Boot fine to the tty.  All the tools I could think of to try worked
there fine.  Can't get X11 to work at all.  

Not at all sure why not but it will not work at all.  I tried # startx
and that doesn't work. 

Tried Live, Default CD, netboot. 

Don't have permission to access to Console 1.

Tried a boot install too.  Won't boot. 

On 07/09/2017 05:09 PM, Steve McIntyre wrote:
> [ Let's see if this works better without a typo in the To: line... :-( ]
> Hey folks,
> We have a big problem with our Stretch KDE live images, and the
> problem seems to be KDE-specific. None of the other desktops show the
> same problem. Can you help please?

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