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Re: Plasma 5.10 in experimental ?

newbeewan@nativobject.net - 27.06.17, 10:44:
> Is there any imports of Plasma 5.10 and/or KDE application 17.04 on some
> experimental mirrors ?

>From what I gathered from #debian-qt-kde channel on IRC there is no ETA for 
updated packages currently. Also from what I read there the team is working on 
updated Qt packages first. My current bet is that updated KF5 and Plasma 
packages will follow after Qt upgrade is done.

What I have seen is upgraded Plasma LTS 5.8 and KF 5.28 packages in Unstable 
to fix bugs and requests to include them in Debian Stretch as well. I am not 
sure how that will continue, once Plasma / KF  packages of newer versions are 
in unstable.


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