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Re: improving the UX with the default KDE installation


> Thank you. I rapidly checked the values in popcons also for
> - kdeaccessibility (not enough info)

if you talk with accessibitiy people they told you, that it is very important 
that all accessibitiy software is installed by default. See the talk at 
"Thanks for maintaining a desktop environment. But is it accessible?"
<< The graal of accessibility is that it should be ready to be enabled 
everywhere, all the time. Some of the Debian desktops are very accessible, but 
most of them are not. In this talk, I will present how the accessibility stack 
is packaged in Debian, how it works, and what desktop maintainers need to do 
to make sure that their desktop is accessible.>>


> - dragonplayer

well you should ask the plasma people, but I think they also suggest vlc 

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