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Re: Any chance of getting kio-audiocd for kf5 into backports?

Shawn Sörbom - 26.04.17, 16:40:
> On Wednesday, April 26, 2017 12:27:10 PM PDT Shawn Sörbom wrote:
> > Hi,
> > I noticed that there have been attempts recently to port the kio-audiocd
> > plugin to KF5. I Know it is a bit late in the freeze process to get a new
> > package accepted, but would the KDE team here be open to accepting it in
> > Backports?
> > 
> > Some of us audiophiles can be a bit clingy when it comes to our optical
> > media collections :)
> > PS. If all that is needed is a packager, I would be happy to file an ITP.
> Hmmmm.... It turns out that the kde cdddb library (which kio-audiocd needs)
> in Stretch is still KDE4 based. So, kio-audiocd needs sub-dependencies.
> Grrr....

I bet I will keep my laptop on unstable after release of Stretch. Newer 
KDEPIM, KF 5 based Konqueror… and other stuff. At some point there has to be a 
cut for the release and I bet the time will never be right for all wanted new 
versions to appear in the release.


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