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Re: Lost KMail Folders/outbox


Rainer Dorsch wrote:
> it seems that I lost the folder Kmail Folders/outbox (in the Kmail Folder
> view). I seems I have a message stuck in the outbox and now all messages
> are queing behind this message, i.e. sending mail with this kmail
> installation does not work anymore :-(
> Akonadi console shows me that I have 14 messages queued in KMail
> Folders/outbox.
> In Akonadi console I still see Kmail Folders/outbox in the Browser.
> Any insight how to recover this installation is very welcome.

I had a similar issue with an out-going mail stucked for a very long time.
(on a Debian Jessie box) The stucked mail was not shown in the outbox.

For me, in the options -> configure kmail ("KMail einrichten") -> "Zugänge" 
-> sending mails ("Versand"), sending mails in the outbox ("Nachrichten im 
Postausgang senden:") changing to 'always when fetching mails' ("Bei allen 
Abholvorgängen") at least gets rid of stucked mails when I fetch mails the 
next time. (The english texts are guessed, I do not want to restart with 
other locales. Shouldn't be too hard to find.)

Hope that helps.

best regards,

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