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Re: KDialog very slow on stretch

On Thursday, December 29, 2016 7:14:19 PM CET Luigi Toscano wrote:
> solitone ha scritto:
> > With 'kdialog --msgbox foo' it opens instantaneusly. However, opening a
> > save dialog from any application (like kmail, chrome browser, etc.) takes
> > ages.
> It's a different story then. Those applications call directly the API and
> are Qt5-based. Do you have any remote drive mounted, or any special entry
> on the left pane of the open/save dialog? 

Yes, I have three NFS drives in the Places section. These drives are not 
mounted by default, but get auto-mounted when I select them. This happens 
through the autofs service.

At the moment I cannot reach those NFS drives, since I am in a different LAN. 
So apparently the lag I experience depends on KDialog looking for those NFS 
locations, and not being able to connect. 

I didn't thought it would have been a problem. In Dolphin I don't have any 
issue, although I have the same drives shown in Places. I have a lag only if I 
select any of those drives, otherwise everything works fine.

In any case, now I have simply hidden (not deleted, just hidden) those NFS 
folders from Dophin's Places, and now KDialog opens immediately again. 

> If you run one of those applications from a terminal, do you see any special 
message when you open the dialog

No, no message is displayed.

Thanks again,

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