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Re: KDialog very slow on stretch

solitone ha scritto:
> Hi,
> I recently installed debian stretch with KDE. Everything works pretty well, 
> exept for KDialog, which is very slow. It takes 30 seconds or so to open, and 
> allow me to choose for a filename, a target directory, and so on. Everything 
> else in KDE is instantaneous, instead. When KDialog finally starts, it works 
> normally. It's just the initial time required to start it up that is bad.
> My feeling is that it was some recent package upgrade that ruined it. If I 
> remember right, after installation I didn't have this problem. I'm not sure 
> though.

kdialog in stretch is part of kde-baseapps (it will be in its own package in
the future, as kde-baseapps has been split). The version in stretch is Qt4
based, and there have been no relevant updates to that code.
Which version of kde-baseapps do you use? Does it happen with any call to
kdialog, even with

kdialog --msgbox foo


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