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Re: Kmail / Akonadi hanging

On Wednesday 13 April 2016 15:13:24 Tim Ruehsen wrote:
> Since a while (few months) akonadi 'hangs' from time to time.
> This happens when reading or removing emails from my folders.
> When it happens, Kmail shows me a nice gfx saying "Retrieving Folder
> Contents" and "Please wait ..."
> No matter how long I wait... Kmail does not recover.
> Then, I open a console and do 'akonadictl restart', sometimes 'akonadictl
> fsck'. Kmail starts working again for a while...
> BTW, restarting Kmail does not help at all.

Sometimes, killing it and restarting will get it back on track.
Logging out and re-logging in most reliable.

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