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Re: Gravatar support in KMail 4.14 enabled by default

Am Freitag, 24. Juli 2015, 20:26:54 schrieb Martin Steigerwald:
> I just read on a thread on kde-pim mailinglist that due to an error the
> gravatar support implemented for KMail was enabled by default.
> If you do not want KMail to connect to gravatar.com to find faces for mail
> identities, you can disable it in Configure / Appearance / Message window
> (last one roughly translated from german).
> It may be good to disable it by default and I am considering to file a
> Debian bug report about it.

Well, reported as:

#793508 kmail: contacts gravatar.com to fetch face images of senders of opened 
mails by default

> In KF5 based KMail this bug has been corrected and it is disabled by
> default. A KF5 based KDEPIM core release is planned for KDE Applications
> 15.08 for August. So it may come into Debian soon.

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