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Re: colord-kde

On 2015-05-25, Rubin Abdi <rubin@starset.net> wrote:
> Hi there. I just got a USB color calibration tool and ran dispcalgui to g=
> et a few nice profiles done. I'm having some trouble getting dispcalgui t=
> o apply them. After some Googling I'm lead to believe that I might be mis=
> sing something inside my system settings, specifically either Kolor or co=
> lord-kde. Searching through apt-cache yields not results. Any suggestions=
> ? Thanks.

I think the main reason for colord-kde not being in debian is because
the people interested in K-software doesn't have such a fancy device to
actually test it.

I'm sure if you or others actually want to investigate packaging it,
there is plenty of help to get on debian-mentors and similar places.


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