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Re: Newer KDEPIM for Jessie

On Thursday 26 March 2015 13:06:40 Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> Hi!
> I think it would be good to have a newer KDEPIM + Akonadi into Jessie.
> Why? The current akonadi 1.13 master branch together with kdepim,
> kdepimlibs, kdepim-runtime from 4.14 branches (as of 4.14.6/7) here runs
> better than *ever* before, including my most annoying bug

While I agree it would be cool, it's sadly impossible right now. We are in 
deep freeze.

The only thing we can try to do is backport whatever patches are needed in a 
point release, as long as they are not so intrusive.

> Also due to the MySQL performance improvements, the load on the machine is
> way lower. Not perfect yet, but *much* better.
> Compared with current akonadi 1.13 and kdepim 4.14.2 versions currently in
> sid, this is a *huge* improvement.

That's really really good to read :D

Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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