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broken okular


I am trying out okular to create a talk that includes videos. Unfortunately, okular seems to be broken to display the picture, before the video is started. Looking up in the net, it is already described as a bug and it seems a fix is in the system. So I am trying to find out how to compile okular, as it does in kde not follow the simple configure/make procedure. Neither the KDE website has a simple description nor the debian kde team webside have instructions, how to rebuild separate programs. Could you please let me know how to get that fixed?


-using debian wheezy
-okular broken: in latex beamer class created talks that include videos, the preview picture as placeholder for the video, a black screen is just shown. The video on licking on the black screen plays well
-trying to create a new compile of okular with: kdesrc-build okular ends in error: 
"~/kdesrc/kde/kdegraphics/okular/part.cpp:434:19: error: ‘class KMessageWidget’ has no member named ‘setIcon’"

==> Howto get a fixed okular compiled in debian?
==> debian kde team website lacks of instructions


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