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Re: Logout buttons no longer work

On Wednesday 04 February 2015 00:06:52 Brad Alexander wrote:
> > What exactly happens when you try to logout? Nothing happens?
> Nothing. The menu doesn't even come up when I click the logout button in
> the tray, and when I click the K button and click Leave -> Logout, nothing
> happens.
This happened to me for a while because something in KDE was not properly 
updated (I get a lot of that becasue I pin KMail). It was accompanied by not 
being able to configure new wifi networks (but still being able to use the old 
ones) via the NM GUI. Then a couple of weeks later something updated and 
networks, as well as logout/shutdown, started to work again.

I may have had to manually install systemd-sysv or remove systemd-shim or 
something. It was more than 6 months ago, memory fails me.

Sleep and hibernate from KDE still don't work. "sudo pm-hibernate" works (but 
when the system wakes up, the screen is not locked).


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