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Re: Q: How to correct monitor resolution?

On Monday 17 November 2014 22:16:56 D. R. Evans wrote:
> D. R. Evans wrote on 11/17/2014 12:43 PM:
> > I just installed KDE debian wheezy 7.7 on a new system, and the monitor
> > size is being reported by KDE system settings as 1280 x 1024 (0.0 Hz).
> > The same resolution appears to be being used for the login screen,
> > although I don't know how to confirm this.
> > 
> > Exactly the same monitor on my old wheezy system reports itself as 1920 x
> > 1200 (59.9 Hz).
> > 
> > How do I convince the new install to use the same resolution as the old
> > system?
> Additional information that might be useful:
> The Xorg.0.log file can be perused at:
>   https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18494055/Xorg.0.log
Additional information that would probably be useful is the Xorg.log from 
wheezy. Personally, my first suspicion would be towards drivers -- do you have 
proprietary drivers on wheezy? The current log includes several error messages 
about modules failing to load, so that's another likely place to look.

Finally, the log does show the monitor as reporting 1920x1200 (mode: 129); but 
if I understand it correctly, the log also reports only 32M of graphics-card 
memory, which is extremely small these days -- and may explain why that mode 
is not considered applicable.


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