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Re: Suspend/hibernate menu options missing from KDE

On Fri, Aug 29, 2014 at 05:41:32PM +0200, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> Hi,
> On Friday, 2014-08-29, 20:14:46, Kumar Appaiah wrote:
> > Dear Debian KDE,
> > 
> > I am using a Jessie machine, and largely have KDE 4.11.
> > 
> > I am trying to configure my KDE to allow sleep on lid close and such
> > goodness. In the Power Management section of my KDE System Settings, I
> > am unable to find any sleep/suspend options. Likewise, the K Menu's
> > Leave section also has only "Restart" and "Shut Down" in the relevant
> > sections. However, sudo pm-suspend and sudo pm-hibernate and sudo
> > pm-suspend, indeed, do what I want.
> I am not on testing but unstable, but my last full-upgrade did not fully 
> upgrade me automatically.
> I.e. I had to manually install systemd-sysv and then removed systemd-shim
> That fixed power management and network management for me.
> As far as I understood the problem was that the system did not consider my 
> user to be in primary control of the console or to be the primary physically 
> present user and so only allowed action that did not affect the system state 
> as a whole.

Indeed, this did fix my problem. Thanks for the solution.

"On a normal ascii line, the only safe condition to detect is a 'BREAK'
- everything else having been assigned functions by Gnu EMACS."
(By Tarl Neustaedter)

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