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Re: Re: Mayday on Akonadi

Le mercredi 30 juillet 2014, 23:02:15 Luis Felipe Tabera a écrit :

> On Wednesday 30 July 2014 22:41:37 phil-deb1.merlin@laposte.net wrote:

> > Hello,

> > The 10 May 2014 i write a bug 747637 titled " akonadi-server: upgrade to

> > akonadi-12-1-1 does not work so kmail too" with the quality of grave. No

> > maintener answer to this bug, another person Markus Meier show the reason

> > of the disfunction of akonadi-server, but still no maintener answer nor

> > correct the bug. I blocked the update of akonadi-server still today, but

> > it

> > became impossible to maintain this blocking of update. So that now I

> > cannot

> > use any more of kmail or kontact. Please Maintener can you help me.

> > Best Regards.

> > Philippe Merlin


> As a possible workwaround, that does not solve the bug, you could try to

> delete akonadi-server and, while it is offline, delete the mysql database.

> Akonadi should recreate the database from scratch.


> Of course, make a backup of your full home directory in case things go

> wrong, you will probably loose data (eg. tags).


> Luis

Thank you, your solution to drop the base Akonadi and to let akonadi-server to recreate the base was the good solution, I tried to correct the base mysql unsuccessfully, before choosing this solution.

Philippe Merlin


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