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Re: KDE 4.13 Desktop Search

Hi Michael,

Am Montag, 26. Mai 2014, 19:12:32 schrieb Michael Schuerig:
> Apparently, KDE 4.13 is currently making its way into unstable. I wanted 
> to take the opportunity to look at the improved Desktop Search, but I 

Currently there are two major issues with it for some people:

[Baloo] [Bug 333772] Baloo crashing during start kde

[Baloo] [Bug 333655] Baloo indexing I/O introduces serious noticable delays

But before I also run into this crashing on start bug Baloo was just so much 
more performant and usable for me.

Its still very usable on mails, but the file part seems to be broken somehow 
for me at the moment.

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