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Re: Quick was to switch screen saver and screen energy saving?


Am Dienstag, 1. April 2014, 18:20:17 schrieb Michael Schuerig:
> On Tuesday 01 April 2014 17:05:06 Brad Rogers wrote:
> > On Tue, 01 Apr 2014 17:27:05 +0200
> > Michael Schuerig <michael.lists@schuerig.de> wrote:
> > >Yes, I know that. The point is having a *quick* way to affect both
> > >screen saver and screen energy saving instead of having to spend
> > >about 10 clicks in System Settings.
> > 
> > You don't say whether you're viewing these videos as embedded streams,
> > or if you did, I missed it, but how about trying to get your browser
> > to launch these videos in a player, rather than play them embedded in
> > the page?
> Yes, I took it for granted that I'm watching these videos on the page. I
> do download as I prefer the UI of VLC over what most pages give me (and
> VLC does not cook my CPU). Unfortunately, that approach does not work
> with, say, InfoQ and other sites that synchronize slides with the videos
> content.
> Also, if there's an easy way to cobble together a plasma widget for this
> purpose, I'd consider it. However, I don't want to dig deeply into lots
> of APIs for just this.

How about just selecting "Disable powermanagement" or "Energieverwaltung 
deaktivieren" available when clicking on laptop battery icon in systray? 
(Dunno how that would look on a desktop system).

Or extra player: I think some players inhibit the screen blanker and screen 
energy saving.

An extra idea, search via qdbus, maybe under powerdevil or powermanagement or 
some such for a method to do what you want to achieve.

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