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[wheezy] Nepomuk question

For the first few days after I installed wheezy, the nepomuk file indexing
service ran, mostly without being too intrusive (although I did have to turn
it off manually a few times, and then restart it at the end of the day in
order to let it continue overnight).

But now when I click the nepomuk icon in the system tray, it says "File
indexing service not running", and the "Resume file indexing" button is greyed

This seems a bit weird to me. The number of indexed files hasn't changed in
the past few days (264,425 files), so it seems like the indexing service
really has turned itself off, and I'm offered no obvious way to turn it back on.

Is this the expected behaviour? And if not, what do I do to turn the indexing
service back on?


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