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Fwd: kmymoney CSV import

Sorry for previous, incomplete posting.

Dear Srs,

I'm starting to use kmymoney to bring a bit of order to my finances. I
need to use CSV import to get my bank an credit card statements into
the database, and I'm having troble with something that appears to be
a known bug: missing decimals in imported data:


I'm running vanilla i386 wheezy, which has kmymoney 4.6.2, so a took a
look in newer kmymoney release notes, and saw that a decimal symbol
related bug was solved, according to this:
...and this:

Thus, I made a backport of kmymoney 4.6.4, from "jessie", into wheezy
and installed it. The backport itsenf worked, but the import issue
remains: no decimal symbol at all (tested CSVs with both "comma" and
"colon" as decimal symbol, and using both "TAB" and "semicolon" as
field separator. The CSVs were generated using LIbreOffice, and
modified with awk, to get proper formating.

Any ideas? Am I overlooking anything obvious and essential?
Thank you very much

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