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Re: What happened to rekonq?

Sune Vuorela <nospam@vuorela.dk>
> On 2013-12-02, José Manuel Santamaría Lema <panfaust@gmail.com> wrote:
> > So at this point I have two possible conclusions about that "diversity
> > statement"[1] which generated some debate in the mailing lists, it's
> > either: a) packaging qtwebkit doesn't count as a "contribution which
> > interacts constructively with our community"
> > or
> > b) it's the greatest bullshit ever told about debian.
> The Debian Qt/KDE team has asked Jose Manuel Santamaria Lema to leave
> the team because he is a poisonous person to work with.

No, I wasn't "asked to leave". 

Since some time ago the debian qt(kde "team" is nothing but 2 or 3 persons 
doing the 99% of the work and some kind of "council of elders" which doesn't 
do much more than making noise in the IRC and bossing around those who 
actually do the work.

You, and some other members of the "council of elders" (some of them are just 
part of the alioth project and barely did anything useful in the latest few 
years) were hindering my work. Since you were continuously hindering my work, 
and you still do (see the subtitlecomposer hijacking for example) we had flames 
very often. I think you did your best to demotivate me in order to leave the 
"team" on "my own will". And since I didn't leave "on my own will" you used 
the flames we had to expell me from the "team". Congratulations, because that 
flames we had were quite useful to your political agenda.

You also told me the "team" would be better without me. Several months later, 
I wonder what's exactly the improvement.
> The Diversity Statement luckily isn't inclusive on this point.

That's your interpretation of that "diversity statement". As we can see, how 
it works in practice is: people like you are almost free to do whatever they 
want, including expelling people even if it's at the expense of the quality of 
the software provided by the project.

I have been monitoring what happened after I left and I have seen you did 
various technical mistakes, for instance the latest uncoordinated transition 
to kde 4.11, or not uploading virtuoso 6.1.6 along with kde 4.10. That kind of 
things wouldn't have happened if I were allowed to do my job. So not only the 
status of kde in debian wasn't improved: it's also slightly worse. At the same 
time I have been providing various versions of kde in siduction almost the 
same day of the release, which is an example of what can be done without the 
burden of the "council of elders" and some other undesirable things of debian.

> Please consider sending replies to my mailbox and not on the list.
> /Sune

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