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[wheezy] trash question when disk use is set to 1%

I recently installed the 64-bit KDE desktop version of wheezy on my main
desktop machine.

Because this machine has 2TB disks, I configured the trash to use only 1% of
the drive, with "Delete oldest files from trash" set when the limit was reached.

However, when I did this, it seemed that KDE would store only a single file at
a time in the trash. As soon as I deleted more files, all the ones currently
in the trash disappeared, until only one was left. Setting the trash limit to
2% produced the expected behaviour (i.e., files would accumulate in the trash
until the limit was reached; then the oldest ones would be deleted).

Is there some trick I'm missing to get trash to work properly without wasting
so much space? (I tried setting the size limit to 1.001%, but that behaved the
same way as 1%.)

A quick search with Google didn't help.

  Doc Evans

Web:  http://www.sff.net/people/N7DR

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