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Override kscreenlocker_greet / run program when screen is locked


I would like to run a program whenever KDE activates the screen locker.

AFAIK there is no ready-to-use method to just execute a program when the 
screen is locked. So far, I've found out that KDE calls 
/usr/lib/kde4/libexec/kscreenlocker_greet to lock the screen. According to 
some thread[1] that I found in the KDE forum, it should be possible to replace 
that program with a wrapper script

I really don't want to replace the system-installed kscreenlocker binary, 
since this is bound to break whenever kde-workspace-bin is upgraded.

Is there any way to tell KDE to use a different kscreenlocker binary?

Btw. I already tried putting an executable file called kscreenlocker_greet 
into ~/.kde/lib/kde4/libexec/ and also checked that this directory is in the 
executable path for kde (kde4-config --path exe).

Any tips are welcome...

[1] https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=61217

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