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Font anti-aliasing looking weird in Firefox?

I seem to mostly notice this in Firefox/Iceweasle, and it's only been
apparent to me over the last month or two. I've seen it in other apps
displaying text but mostly in Firefox (though that's pretty much what I
use 90% of the time). If I have anti-aliasing enabled with sub-pixel
rendering in KDE, whenever lines of text are drawn they sometimes
randomly show up bolder/heavier than they should be. If I highlight them
with my mouse or scroll, they'll go away or reappear. Right now I can't
reproduce it, but other times it seems like every other page load I get
this weird rendering. If I shut off anti-aliasing it goes away. If I
attempt to take a screenshot of the artifacts, they don't appear in them
outputted png.

Here's my current config...


Anyone ever noticed this behavior before?


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