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Re: State of KDE 4.11

Am Dienstag 24 September 2013, 16.14:04 schrieb newbeewan@nativobject.net:
> Hi,

Morning Mourad

> KDE 4.11 is the LTS branch of the 4.x version (probably the last one before
> the 5.x branch).

To stop misinformation here a short correction.

Just the workspaces part (Plasma Desktop and Netbook for the case) in KDE SC 
4.11 is an LTS. There will be further KDE Application feature releases.

Btw. kdelibs (or KDE Platform) is "LTS" for quite some time already.

> It seem to be very stable with lot's of performance and stability
> improvement.
> What is the state of the future availability in debian experimental ?
> Best regards,
> Mourad


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