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Program crashes when right-clicking in Toolbar of Kate


I'm using a fresh install of Debian 7.0 Wheezy Stable 64-bit (KDE CD),
and I notice that quite often (but not all the time), when I
right-click on the toolbar in Kate, it instantly crashes, whereas if I
use the Settings menu then I can edit the toolbar fine. This bug has
been found by many people in the past (in fact there are similar bugs
posted for several years now), and it seems to effect several
important KDE programs besides Kate. eg:
It has supposedly been fixed in the next version of KDE (4.8.5), but
Debian Stable is using 4.8.4 so this bug still exists in Debian

I'm new to Debian, so I'm not sure if me & all users for the next 2
years are expected to obtain Kate from Debian Testing, or if Debian
Stable should be fixed?

Shervin Emami.

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