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Nepomuk backup service not running.

Hi everybody.

Recently I installed kde 4.9.5 from experimental-snapshots, but before
the dist-upgrade, I made a backup of my nepomuk database. Now, with my
desktop that running almost perfectly, I tried to restore the backup
file but I get this message:

Nepomuk backup tool will not work because "nepomuk backup service does
not seem to be running"

I have this packages related to nepomuk:

libnepomuk4                                     install
libnepomukcore4                                 install
libnepomukquery4a                               install
libnepomuksync4                                 install
libnepomukutils4                                install
libsmokenepomuk3                                install
nepomuk-core-data                               install
nepomuk-core-runtime                            install

Packages related to virtuoso and akonadi:

virtuoso-minimal                                install
virtuoso-opensource-6.1-bin                     install
virtuoso-opensource-6.1-common                  install
akonadi-backend-mysql                           install
akonadi-server                                  install
libakonadi-contact4                             install
libakonadi-kabc4                                install
libakonadi-kcal4                                install
libakonadi-kde4                                 install
libakonadi-kmime4                               install
libakonadiprotocolinternals1                    install

And nothing related to strigi.

Thanks for your help.


              Blog de Haldrik

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